AgentBee spoke with Maude Corrieras, Directrice at Climax Education

Describe Climax Education in a few sentences

Climax Education is a French private institute for higher education, founded in 2010 by Mr. Laurent Berthet (PhD in Political Science), and specializing in Political Science, Leadership/Management and International Cooperation.

Headquartered in Versailles, Climax offers courses and seminars in Versailles and Paris as well. Our school collaborates with a distinguished team of professionals, researchers and academic experts to train our students through cutting edge curricula and training programs.

Why should international students consider studying at Climax Education?

Climax Education proposes several programs to international students including:

Bachelor program

Climax Education has developed a Bachelor’s Degree in Geopolitics, Economics and Applied Law (180 ECTS Credits), a degree taught in English. This program focuses on professionalization and mobility. It aims to fulfill the high-demands of the current European and international market, and should thus be of interest to the international students.


Climax Education is now proposing the Bachelor program in Geopolitics, Economics and Applied Law through E-learning. This program is open to all international students.

  • Students can study from home and avoid hassle of going through visa application.
  • Students have the possibility to apply for 3 month internship in France.
  • Students will obtain a 180 ECTS credit Bachelor degree.

Agents earn 15% commission on each successful recruitment.

What role do education agents play in your international student recruitment strategy?

Education agents and international education consultants are advocates and ambassadors contributing to the promotion of our international education programs and to the advancement of international development for our school.

Agents are our bridging extension, allowing our school to convey its mission, values and programs to education actors within their countries and local markets and to recruit international students committed to follow our programs either in our headquarters in France or through our e-learning platform.

What do you look for in new education agent partners?

Climax Education is devoted to working with top-level and distinguished experts of international education. Climax Education expects its agents to provide guidance to integrate the market within their countries, to help our school increase international students’ enrollment promptly and effectively, and to provide a constant support to students throughout the different phases of their application.

How do you work with education agents?

We seek to build strong and long-term partnerships with international education agents and agencies. As a first step, our school proposes to sign our international agent agreement that details the rules and conditions that each party needs to abide by. We then provide the agent with all necessary information and resources to be able to start recruitment and we remain available to answer any questions they may have.

Outreach and follow-up is organized weekly and assessment is planned on a quarterly basis to allow collecting agents’ feedback and insights, evaluating performance and recommending areas of improvement.

Want to work with Climax Education?

We welcome new agents and look forward to supporting and growing new partnerships around the world.

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