A Chinese international student studying at chemistry Lehigh University in Pennsylvania stands accused poisoning his roommate over a period of several months.

Yukai Yang, 22, was arrested and charged with attempted homicide, aggravated assault and other offences.

District Attorney John Morganelli, said the allegations were “weird and bizarre.”

Prosecutors allege that Yang poisoned his roommate, Juwan Royal, with thallium and other chemicals by lacing his food and drinks.

Thallium is odourless and tasteless soft metal and can be fatal in humans. It used to be used in rat poison but was banned for that use in the 1970s.

Mr Royal sought medical help several times because he felt dizzy and was throwing up. He later tested positive for thallium. He experienced extreme pain in his lower extremities as well as severe burning and numbness.

Yang said that he bought thallium and other chemicals on the internet but was going to use them to harm himself if he did not do well on future exams.

Yang was already facing an ethnic intimidation charge for allegedly vandalising their dorm room with racist graffiti.

Royal said that he once believed that he and Yang had a good relationship. Looks like he read that one wrong.

Yang is no longer enrolled at the university and his student visa has been cancelled.

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Photo by Louis Reed on Unsplash