A recent survey of 240 educators by ST Magazine found that 42 per cent of respondents thought that agents had become more important to their business during the Covid-19 pandemic. A further 46 per cent said that agents remained just as important to them as they were before COVID-19.

It seems education agents are set to maintain their critical role in the international education market.

For many educational institutions, education agents are the most important channel for recruiting international students.

With that opportunity comes the risk that your agents will fall short of your standards when representing your institution and promoting your courses to international students.

The most serious risk is that one of your education agents will act unprofessionally or dishonestly. If that happens – and it happens a lot – potential international students are hurt, and your institution’s brand is damaged.

How to check the professionalism and integrity of your education agents

AgentBee enables universities, colleges and schools to check and monitor the professionalism and integrity of their education agents.

Doing a check is quick, easy and free.

Simply go to our education agent alert database and search on the name of an education agency or individual.

When to check the professionalism and integrity of your education agents

At a minimum you should run an agent check at the start of the agent recruitment process and before you commit to a business relationship with a new agent.

You should also run regular checks over the life of your relationship with an agent as part of your education agent monitoring process.

To build and manage an education agent network based on professionalism, integrity and transparency, check out our solutions for universities colleges and schools.

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