Meet Thomas Lammel, Senior Program Manager, Executive MBA, Central European University

Describe CEU EMBA in a few sentences

In 2020, Central European University (CEU) – a leading American university with campuses in Vienna and Budapest – started a high-quality, global Executive MBA Program. Thanks to CEU’s impressive endowment – the largest in continental Europe – we offer a world-class, two-year 50-credit US- and Austria-accredited MBA degree program, featuring faculty from some of the world’s top universities, including Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Insead and others, for just EUR 29.000 in total tuition.

The unique mission of CEU, centered around the progressive ideas of the open society, adds to the competitive differentiation of the EMBA for the Open WorldⓇ. 

Since its start, our program has been wildly popular, attracting more than 180 participants from 40 countries on 5 continents. But our goal is to further expand in our home European market. Join us in this effort and earn a highly competitive fee of EUR 6.000 per recruited student.

Why should international students consider studying at CEU EMBA?

We see at least 7 reasons:

  1. Tailored curriculum for experienced managers – the program allows participants to earn a US & EU-accredited MBA degree in nine blocked modules of each 4 to 9 days, scheduled over 2 years to minimize disruption to work and life. Six of the modules take place at CEU’s brand new Vienna campus and three at CEU’s Budapest campus.
  1. Program that fits your life – our innovative program structure allows managers to earn our US & EU accredited Executive MBA degree gradually over 24 months, with the first of our 4-to-9-days residencies starting in August 2023.
  1. World-renowned faculty – participants will exchange ideas with some of the most accomplished management scholars in Europe. Our instructors represent 20 nationalities and graduated from the world’s top universities, including Harvard, Yale, Princeton, MIT and Insead.
  1. Best in-class multi-campus experience – CEU Executive MBA allows professionals to combine the network and energy of Vienna with the relaxed affordability of Budapest. In both places, they’ll experience state-of-the-art facilities, which are the backdrop to what is really important. 
  1. Network you can count on – joining CEU Executive MBA means becoming a member of the tight-knit community of more than 18,000 professional alumni in 150 countries. Our alumni are leaders in business, politics, civil society, academia and culture.
  1. World class experience at a local price – CEU Executive MBA’s subsidized tuition is just 29.000 euro for our entire 24-month program. It represents one of the best price-to-value ratios in Europe. We offer a variety of merit-based scholarships for candidates with diverse backgrounds and exceptional leadership potential.
  1. Your leadership transformation – the ability to navigate a complex web of technological, organizational, environmental and political tensions will define business leadership for decades to come. The CEU Executive MBA will help professionals learn how to become just that kind of a leader. 

What role do education agents play in your international student recruitment strategy?

CEU Executive MBA values education agents as experienced intermediaries who know what executives want to achieve and who help them make good decisions about their future. CEU being the 2nd most international university in the world, education agents are another effective component to our international recruitment strategy, as we are looking to establish sustainable, productive partnerships at eye level with quality agents that refer outstanding executives who are looking for the intellectual journey of their lifetime.

What do you look for in new education agent partners?

CEU Executive MBA is looking for education agents that have the passion to help executives succeed and the ability to effectively communicate what CEU’s vision of Open Society is all about. In today’s context, the job of a senior manager is not only about adapting to the world or to external conditions. It is also about curating a world – co-creating reality with your customers, your teams, your stakeholders. When we say “the EMBA for the Open World,” we are thinking about the world that you can open and positively impact.

Is your education agency open to such a change?

How do you work with your education agent partners?

We are easy to contact and responsive to all education agents so that we can support you with any questions, applications or marketing initiatives you have. We want to do everything we can to support you and applicants.

Become an education agent for CEU EMBA

Apply to represent AIE directly as an education agent – not through an aggregator or master agent.