AgentBee talked with Dave Delgado, headmaster and founder of US college preparatory school Cambrian Academy.

Describe CA in a couple of sentences.

Dave: Cambrian Academy is the school for students who wish to be well prepared for admission to and success in top US four-year colleges and universities. In addition to strong academic preparation, we provide a unique class specially designed to help students through the college selection and application process. Cambrian Academy parents do not need to spend extra for learning centers or outside consultants to make sure their children get into great colleges.

Why should international students consider studying at CA?

Dave: 100% of our graduates are accepted to college – all with multiple offers and most with some sort of scholarship assistance.   Students who truly wish to study in the US at a top-tier university have better admission opportunities having completed their secondary  program at Cambrian Academy. Cambrian Academy is more than just a high school. It is a true college prep school. International students are mainstreamed and learn both English and culture from our local students.

Joining us no later than grade 11 is an awesome way to guarantee admission to top four-year colleges in the US.

What role do agents play in your international recruitment strategy?

Dave: Agents assist students with the application process and help the student understand our requirements. An agent who refers quality students and helps the students through the process is offered priority spaces for their students, and potential matching funds for advertising in their countries.

What do you look for in new education agent partners?

Dave: Honesty and consistency. It should not be a “start-up” agent trying to get a commission for placing a relative. We already get several of those type of inquiries every week.

How do you work with education agents?

Dave: Our F1 interview success rate is very high. To keep it that way, we like to work with agents who will learn and follow our procedures. Agents should understand that their purpose is to make the process easier, not more difficult.

Want to become a Cambrian Academy education agent?

Cambrian Academy is keen to work with education agents who share our commitment to professionalismintegrity and transparency in international student recruitment.