AgentBee spoke with Masud Hasan, founder of our new education agent integrity partner Applycourses.




Give us the 'elevator pitch'. Tell us about your education agency in a couple of sentences.

Masud: Applycourses has created a platform as a service which is the most complete and versatile online platform which simplifies international student mobility across the world.

What inspired you to start the business, and how long have you been going?

Masud: I believe there are a lot of resources available to students these days which make it confusing to  choose a study destination, course and university. Therefore we had this vision since 2008 that our company will provide a platform which will make it easier for students across the world.

What services do you offer your educational institution clients, and what is your approach to service delivery?

Masud: Our online platform helps us to promote any educational institutions throughout the world. Featured institutions get most of the benefits of our services such as student recruitment, digital marketing, branding etc. Also, our sponsored category institutions get a platform to manage applications and digital marketing solutions.

What services do you offer to international students, and what are the benefits for a student in working with you?

Masud: Applycourses offers a one-stop platform where students across the world get services such personalised counselling, course search, university search, scholarship search, admission and visa, test preparation, books, university reviews, psychometric and many other features which an international student seeking to study abroad needs.

What is your vision for the business over the next 5 years?

Masud: To become the leading online recruitment platform in the world where students, institutions and agents can get the best services.

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