On 18 June, Brazilian education agency Time2 Travel announced on its Facebook page the “the suspension of the agency’s activities due to financial difficulties”. Reports indicate that over 900 students could be impacted by the closure.

On 20 June the agency issued a further announcement on Facebook.

Initially, I would like to apologize for the delay in returning
The numerous emails, phone calls and attempts to help are not supported by the support team.

Therefore, in order to reveal the truth, we inform you that t2t is having economic and financial difficulties, which prevents the operation and fulfilling the obligations assumed with our customers.

We focus on an attempt to minimise the losses of students and attitudes will be taken in the next few days to do so, including by providing a direct

We set up a containment team to plan a plan in an attempt to minimize everyone’s losses and resume our activities, fulfilling our duties.

We have already established some schools, responsible for accommodation and partners so that they can assist us in this difficult and awkward time and we will spare no effort to

In Due course we will inform you of the possibilities to solve all the things, if possible,

We take the opportunity to thank all our consultants and staff who have not measured efforts to help, but they are not guilty of the situation

Finally, we will extend our commitment to, as far as possible, to raise the health of t2t and fulfill the dream deposited in our company by all of you

T2t has always been an independent company and any charge of problem solution that it has caused must be made directly to it.

Unsurprisingly, both posts attracted a huge number of responses from shocked, worried and angry students who were working with the agency. Here are just a few:

There are hundreds more similar comments and responses on Facebook. They show the human impact on students when things go bad with education agencies.

Which institutions did Time2 Travel Represent?

Our quick web search shows that Time2 Travel represented or was working with the following institutions. (Please note – that the list is current at the time of writing; it is not exhaustive; and it is skewed towards Australian institutions because they are required by law to list their education agents on their website):

Update – 24 June 2019

One of AgentBee’s Australian institution partners advised that Time2 Travel in Australia proactively contacted them to advise that the issues described above relate only to their operations in Brazil, and that Time2 Travel in Australia is unaffected.

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