On 8 July Education New Zealand (ENZ) launched AgentLab, its new portal for education agents. ENZ describes it as “the go-to place for promoting New Zealand education.”

Education agents can access AgentLab on computer, smartphone or tablet.

In it’s launch material ENZ listed the following benefits of the new portal for education agents.

  • Make learning fun and easy – learn about New Zealand’s education system, immigration requirements and more, through interactive courses.
  • Keep you up to date – receive updates and important news from Education New Zealand.
  • Provide you with relevant, personalised information – everything in AgentLab is personalised, based on the information you provide us. So you’ll receive messages and updates that are relevant to you and your market.
  • Help you answer your clients’ questions – check our quick-access fact sheets for the latest information.
  • Connect you with the New Zealand education industry – talk to industry experts via our live webinars.

Sounds great so we decided to take it for a spin.

AgentLab – Test Drive

AgentLab is a secure portal so you will need to have an account, and log in to access it.

Creating an account is easy. You fill out a simple form which only takes a couple of minutes. Any education agent can create an account.

When you log in for the first time you’re presented with a popup auto play 2 minute video promoting education in NZ. When that’s done (or you close it) you’ll see the following welcome message:

AgentLabWhen you click the “Tour” button, you’ll get a brief explanation of each of the elements in the vertical nav bar on the left of the page:

  • Home
  • News
  • Documents
  • Webinars
  • Messages

They correspond to each of the main zones in AgentLab, and clicking one of the links will take you to the relevant info.

When you explore the portal you’ll find, as you would expect, a strong emphasis on short courses or modules covering the key aspects of studying and living in New Zealand for international students. The current modules are:

  • Living
  • Education
  • Legal

Other modules are listed as ‘Coming Soon’:

  • Work
  • Care
  • Learning

The first three modules are presented as short, interactive online courses, which look great and are easy to use.

Having looked around the portal our only suggestion for improvement is that ENZ could have done a bit more to make the content feel fresher at the time of launch. For example the one and only entry in the ‘Latest News’ section is from 23 May:

It’s not a big deal, but it kind of makes it feel like nothing has been added for six weeks. In ENZ’s shoes we would have added some news items in the week leading up to and on the day of launch. It’s an easy fix, and no doubt the ENZ team will be adding content over the coming days and weeks.

All in all ENZ has done a great job with AgentLab. It promises to be a useful resource for education agents who are advising students on studying in New Zealand.

If you’re an education agent who wants to access AgentLab, click here to create an account.


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