Every education agency that is a member of AgentBee is entitled to display an AgentBee member badge on their website and marketing material.

Member badges come in two styles:










They also come in different sizes to suit your website.

OK – so how do you actually get a member badge?

The first requirement is that you have to be a member of AgentBee!

(If you are not already a member and would like to join – click here)

Education agencies who are members can access the member badges when they log in to the AgentBee secure portal.




 Why should you become an AgentBee member?

One reason – to build your business.

You can use our solutions to work with educational institutions and other agents around the world.

For example:

Agent Fair  – connects you with educational institutions who are actively looking for new education agent partners.

Institutions already using Agent Fair to find new agents include:

Agent Manager – work easily with any of your institutions who are using AgentBee to get their latest updates and marketing material, and manage the student applications that you send.

So if you are an education agent looking to grow your business – click here to find out more and to become an AgentBee member.


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