Train your education agents

$0, Free, Zero Cost

Effective education agent training is important to:

  • ensure your agents have the knowledge to represent your institution
  • maintain professional standards in your agent network
  • support legal compliance and reduce risk for your institution, and
  • support good outcomes for students

FREE agent training solutions for educational institutions

AgentBee offers two types of education agent training.

They can be used together or separately.

Cost to your institution: $0/zero

AgentBee Courses

  • Focussed online short courses for education agents
  • Courses support agent rofessional standards and better service and outcomes for your students.
  • Click here. to see the course catalogue.

Institution Specific Courses

  • We work with you to design and deliver institution specific training to your agents.
  • You have full visibility over your agent network and their training compliance.

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