Well, here we are. Another year almost done.

Over the course of 2017, the team at AgentBee has had lots of conversations with in-house international student recruitment professionals working for universities, colleges and schools around the world.

Usually we are talking about our education agent management solutions.

At AgentBee we are big on listening, and really understanding what our clients want when it comes to building and managing an education agent network.

One question we always ask is: “what is the main challenge you face in managing your education agents?

Very often the theme of organisation features strongly in the answers we get. Answers like:

“I just want to organize my approach to working with our education agents.”

I have just taken on responsibility for our education agent channel and I need to develop a good system to work with agents.

We have lots of agent agreements in place, but they are all in paper files. No one has ever really thought about how to engage properly with our education agents.

If you are an international student recruitment professional thinking the same thing, the good news is that you are not alone.

Many of your colleagues are in the same boat.  They see that their education agent network has huge – but as yet unfulfilled – student recruitment potential. They know that to harness that potential they need to get organised, but they are not quite sure how to do it.

Organisation is a stepping stone

Organising your education agents is not an end in itself.  Instead, it is a critical step to achieve better outcomes from your education agent network.

When we dig a bit deeper in our conversations with clients, the desire to organise generally points to three key goals:

  1. Increased enrollments – clients want to get more international students from their agents.
  2. Efficiency – they want to spend less time doing day-to-day agent management tasks.
  3. Risk – they want to guard against the risk of unprofessional or rogue agents.

Those are solid goals. In fact at AgentBee, we think those goals should form the foundation of your approach to managing your education agent network.

Getting it done

Right, so you’re ready to start organising your education agents.

You’re sitting at your desk fired up with the commitment to get it done.

What now?  What do you actually do to start the journey from disorganised to organised?

The voice in your head tells you that a cup of coffee will get the organisational juices flowing.

Then, on your way back from the kitchen you run into Dave from down the corridor and get to talking about his holidays.

By the time you get back to your desk a list of emails as long as your arm screams for attention.

Soon your worthy goal of organising your education agents has slipped through your fingers like so many grains of freeze dried coffee.

Ok, say you resist the coffee temptation and stay focused on the task at hand. You’ve still got to work out what organising your education agents actually involves.

You could jump straight in to doing things that feel like they are taking you in the right direction: listing your agents on a spreadsheet; setting up an email template in your email marketing app of choice, and importing your agents’ email addresses etc etc.

Those jobs might help, but it’s important that you know what you are working towards.

What you should be aiming for is a coherent, well structured education agent management solution that supports you to achieve the three goals that we discussed above: increased enrollments, efficiency and risk reduction.

That’s exactly what our AgentBee: Manager solution is – a complete education agent management solution.

If you are an international student recruitment professional at a university, college or school who is looking to better organise and manage your education agent network to get results, AgentBee: Manager might be the answer.

Click here for more info and to book in a demo and get off to a great start with your education agent channel in 2018.

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